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[IP] Type 1 vs type 2 (was Re: insurance and your rights)

Well, I've met type 1s who did not know what kind of diabetes they have. And 
I've had the mother of a type 1 child say to me that she wished her daughter 
was a type 2 "so all she would have to do is take pills and not eat 
cheesecake" (I which that was all I had to do, too). And I've had a type 1 
who writes for Diabetes Interview question me extensively about type 2 
because she didn't know that much about it. And lots of people think I'm type 
1 because I take insulin. And I guess I've met many, many people with type 2 
who are aware that type 1s have to take insulin -- and who believe that only 
type 1 is "real" diabetes.

It's a strange world, huh?

Jan and Elvis

<< > My silly question is: Why do many people with type 2 know about type 1,
 > many type 1s don't know about type 2?
 > Jan and Elvis
 Well I guess the answer to this is that we all tend to view things from our
 personal perspective.  To me it seems that the reverse is true.  I can't
 tell you how many times I've told someone that my son has type 1 diabetes to
 they reply "I do too."  I then ask them, just to be sure, if they are type 1
 or type 2 and
 most of them tell me they don't know.  So I ask them if they are insulin
 dependent.  "Oh no!  Is your son?"
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