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[IP] ebay pump

If I were able to keep my 508 and not have to pay $5000+ for a new pump I 
would definately keep it as a spare/back up.  But since insurance paid for it 
and will not pay for another one for years, I gues some of have no other 
choice to either keep what we have or trade in for "better and littler"

Yes, the legality of the transfer could be questioned by some authorities,
 however there are certain situations where I would have NO question about
 it.  Look at your situation, you'll be trading in your 508 when you get your
 Paradigm.  Ever consider having a backup pump?   Or if I wore one of my
 H-trons into water and it did short out, don't you think I should be able to
 get another pump at some greater discount than what Disetronic might offer? 
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