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[IP] First Animas problem

I've had my Animas R1000 since early April, 2002.  In mid May, I began
having trouble priming -- insulin would simply not flow, no matter how
long I waited.  I could hear the motor running for a short time, then
stop and not start again.  This problem was sporadic, and when it
occurred I could sometimes work around it by manually pushing insulin
through the tubing and then re-priming.  Twice, I could not get it to
prime at all, and called Animas.  In each instance, putting in new
batteries solved the problem.  However, in both instances the batteries
were less than a month old and I never had a low battery alert.

After the second episode, Animas sent a replacement pump overnight.  The
replacement is slightly different from my original, and includes two
changes to priming.  First, the priming motor is more powerful; second,
a tone sounds intermittently during priming (my original pump sounded
the tone continuously during priming).  Since then I have had no trouble
at all.

My off-the-cuff explanation is that earlier Animas pumps were not tested
sufficiently at elevations near sea level (I live near Los Angeles).
Since priming involves detecting pressure against the syringe plunger,
the greater air pressure near sea level may have caused the pump to
determine, incorrectly, that it had primed successfully.

In any case, if you're having problems priming your Animas, and you have
a GREEN (not a WHITE) backlight on your display, you may have a pump
with the weaker priming motor.  I'd recommend having Animas replace it.
- Pete Tinker
  HRL Labs

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