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Re: [IP] type 1 versus type 2

Sarah Easter wrote:

>  or why it's "bad
> enough" that I have to wear a pump... there's little public knowledge of the
> different types of D, and there also seems to be a growing group of peope
> who will take what their Dr's say as the final word on anything, and never
> do any research on their own, and I think many misnomers and misinformation
> is spread that way.
> I try to explain to people that I wear my pump because I want to, because it
> is the most advanced device on the market today to treat T1, and it allows
> me to live a more "normal" life.. I can't even describe how free it feels
> not to have to worry about "timing" long-acting insulin!  So what if I have
> to wear my pump 24/7 and test more often.  It's more "work", but honestly
> most of the time it allows me to "forget" about having D more often than
> when I was on shots.

I have this same response over and over again.  Why do people think that you
diabetes is bad if you have a pump.  Don't get me wrong, any form of diabetes
is bad plain and simple, but these people think that you just have not taken
care of yourself and you have let it get so bad that now you "HAVE" to wear a
pump.  My God, if these people only knew.  My control was bad and was the
reason for me starting on a pump.  I had uncontrollable lows after 16 years of
having diabetes, but my pump is the best thing that has ever happened to me as
far as my health is concerned.  Most people are so misinformed.

It is really bad when it is people that can have a major impact on your life.
The human resources manager at my former place of work told me that someone in
his family was a diabetic and he knew about diabetes.  Then he proceeded to
accuse me of making excuses when it came to times that I was not feeling well.
I am sorry, and I know that I am ranting, but type 1 diabetes is by no means as
well known as type 2.  Most people don't know that there is more than one
type.  When they hear "diabetes," they think of someone they know and project
what little they know onto you.  And yes, it is because such a large percentage
of people with diabetes have type 2 so therefore you hear more about it, but if
you don't know what you are talking about don't accuse me of doing something
wrong.  OK.....I will stop now.  As you can tell, this really strikes a nerve
with me.

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