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RE: [IP] Re: IP Insurance and your rights

I agree, in fact out of everyone I'd met who even knew a little about any
kind of diabetes, only two have known what T1 really was, and why I wore a
pump, most others have been type 2 don't know what kind they are, or have a
family member that is T2 and don't know much besides "I just watch what I
eat" or "I just take some pills".  The only acceptions have been Wendell
Mayes Jr. (Obviously! And on a side note he's also one of the most amazing
people I've ever met!) and one of my former professors, who knew what my
pump was when he first saw it, and he (correctly) assumed I had type 1...
most of the others ask why I can't just watch what I eat, or why it's "bad
enough" that I have to wear a pump... there's little public knowledge of the
different types of D, and there also seems to be a growing group of peope
who will take what their Dr's say as the final word on anything, and never
do any research on their own, and I think many misnomers and misinformation
is spread that way.

I try to explain to people that I wear my pump because I want to, because it
is the most advanced device on the market today to treat T1, and it allows
me to live a more "normal" life.. I can't even describe how free it feels
not to have to worry about "timing" long-acting insulin!  So what if I have
to wear my pump 24/7 and test more often.  It's more "work", but honestly
most of the time it allows me to "forget" about having D more often than
when I was on shots.


> Yeah, what Beverly said. Are you sure you're not backwards with that
> question Jan? Seems like the majority of the world, including a lot of
> 2 diabetics don't know that there is a type 1 and type 2.
> Mike Swaithes
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