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[IP] Re: Glucowatch Experience

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From: "Andrew Bender (spot)" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: Glucowatch Experience
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 08:49:28 -0400

>I find the watch fine when it is working well, I feel that for the money, 
>it is poorly constructed, the buttons which should be sealed to protect it 
>from water damage are apt to get stuck onder the case when pressed.

I haven't had any trouble with the buttons getting stuck under the case.  In 
fact, I just tried to do that - and had to work pretty hard to push down a 
button with something small enough, at an angle, to get it stuck.  Just 
pushing the buttons with the pads on my fingers has led to no trouble for 

Sealing the buttons on top would be no means make the Glucowatch waterproof 
or even water resistant.  With this watch there would be a HUGE obstacle to 
overcome in this matter - the whole method of operation for this watch has 
to deal (basically) with using electric current (from a AAA battery) to pull 
fluid from the skin to react with the gel in the AutoSensor.  Add water to 
that computation and it becomes a three ring circus.  Water and electricity 
usually ends up being a bad combination when you add in the human contact 

>I use it overnight as well, this means starting the warm up period around 
>6PM I cnnot use it at work as I am always working with wet stuff. it does 
>feel wierd but its not unbearable.

The next release of the watch is supposed to have the warm-up time shortened 
to two hours, a substantial improvement.

>if you put it on over broken skin it gives the wrong readings and makes a 
>mess out of the area.

Question here...  Did you read the manual or watch the video that 
accompanied the watch AT ALL?  Page 3.5 of the manual has a entire section 
in that is highlighted and bold blue lettering:

TIP:  To ensure firm contact between your skin and the Glucowatch 
Biographer, your skin must be:
- Unbroken--no cuts, scrapes, sunburn, or razor burn
- Clean and dry--no lotions, perfumes, or medications
- Free of excess hair--important for firm contact of AutoSensor with skin

If you're a Doctor, you're scaring me... none of my Docs would even try this 
or suggest this to any of their patients.  Try a little tequila to wash down 
that codeine next time (never mind the warning label on the Rx bottle).

>The software is not able to run under a windows NT development

The software is flaky and not designed well in my opinion.  I'm having some 
problems with the cradle right now also.  I've tried it on two separate 
computers and it's not working on either all of the sudden.  I'll end up 
having to get a replacement or sending it back.

>It also doesn't run under WinXP.

I understand that it doesn't run under Windows ME either.

>I usually wear the watch so the contact pads are not in the center of my 
>arm where they stimulate the superficial radial
>cutaneous nerve leading to tingling in the back of the hand and wrist.

Once again, I haven't had this experience either.  I think that it depends 
on the individual user.


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