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[IP] gastroparesis: What happens to the insulin?

I am a very new insulin pumper (2 weeks).
I learned very fast, having gastroparesis, it is best for me to square
wave all of my boluses with meals. (but not correction bolus)
I have heard so many stories on this list of very difficult pump starts.
I can only hope my future with "sparky"goes as well as my start has been.
I made adjustments to both my basal rates and my bolus ratio on my own
and the numbers are looking better and better.
I saw my Endo yesterday for the first time since my start and he said he
rarely has no suggestions on that first visit after a pump start, but my
adjustments were correct and he could add nothing to it.
I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right now, but I know from reading
regularly for several months now, you folks will have all kinds of advice
and suggestions...bring it on...I am eager to learn...and I believe you
are the best teachers!! 
BTW, my last h1c was 7.0 (before pump), my insulin/carb ratio is 1/10
right now, my basel is 2.0 most of the day.
Exercise is very limited right now because of Charcot, I hope to lower my
need for so much insulin when matching shoes becomes the norm again.
So there you go...

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