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Re: [IP] Re: Type 2 Diabetes

> blueberry wrote:
> >
> > You may not believe it but I use anywhere from 150 to 250 units of Insulin per day and am type 2.
> I think someone else may have tried to ask a similar question, but I
> wanted to get a more clear answer.  With insulin resistance, what
> happens to the excess insulin that the body is not utilizing.  It is
> going into the body, but the body does not have the ability to use
> it properly. It is able to use some insulin, but after you have
> taken 150 to 250 units of insulin of which your body has only
> utilizes part, what does happen to the rest of it.  Does it lose its
> integrity after so much time or what?  I think this is what a
> previous poster was trying to ask.  If your body does not use it,
> where does it go?

It is destroyed like any other unused material in the body.
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