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Re: [IP] Tube length etc.

On 26 Jun 2002 at 10:38, Melissa White wrote:

> Melissa Adds: MiniMed has only 2 choices for length per infusion set.
> Animas uses MiniMed sets. Does anyone know what the newest pump
> company (Deltec) out there uses? M

Animas ALSO uses Disetronic sets.       :>)

Nothing yet in the way of sets from Deltec, though the FDA approval is rumored to be 
VERY close for the pump.  They have been a provider of vascular infusion sets and 
pumps for years.  Though some sub-q sets are available, I think they are for higher 
volume infusion.  I believe they will be developing insulin infusion sets of their own, but 
this is another situation of them using standard luer lock connection, so you could obtain 
sets from anywhere for use with the Cozmo.

I am anxious for the release of the SimpleChoice Patch from Spectrx in 2003.


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