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RE: [IP] T-2 DM

"I mean she is on a pump, uses insulin and not just "pills" to
keep her BG in line...to me this is just what I, as a
"type 1" do...so what is the difference?  I am
confused.   Regards  Cynthia"

To put it VERY VERY simply:

Type I diabetics- are diabetics whose body does not produce any or very,
very little insulin, thus they need insulin to survive. This can happen at
ANY age and for a variety of reasons.

Type II Non-Insulin Dependent diabetics- are diabetics whose body does
produce insulin but their body is unable to utilize the insulin effectively
and thus must take medication that can..ie. Glucophage (FYI:gluco means
"sugar"  & phage means "consume/eat" )Oral medications typically assist the
body's insulin in breaking down sugars. Type II rarely go low but they will
be high b/c their body never has too much insulin eating up all the sugar to
cause a low, but will have too much sugar to cause a high.

Type II Insulin Dependent diabetics - are Type II diabetics whose body can
no longer produce enough insulin to support their system and thus they must
use insulin . So now not only does the body have too much sugars in it's
system it does not have enough insulin to break it down and oral medication
no longer able to balance everything so insulin is now required.

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