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[IP] A1C

I have read everyones' posts about getting their Hemoglobin A1C results back 
and how wonderful their numbers were, especially pre-pump to post-pump 
numbers.  As happy as I was for each of them, I was also jealous, as I had 
not had a post-pump A1C yet (I have been on the pump a little under 3 months 
now) and had been frustrated with figuring out the pump in the beginning, 
etc.  Well, yesterday I had my first A1C taken since being on the 
pump...before the pump my A1C was 7.9...not bad, but not good either.  
Yesterday mine was taken and it is already down to a 6.8.  I can't tell you 
how thrilled I was, especially feeling like I haven't even mastered the 
whole pump thing yet either!  Anyway, for all of those people that have 
recently gotten on the pump and are a bit frustrated by inconsistencies or 
problems with the pump that you aren't used to, my advice is to hang in 
there.  I was pretty frustrated in the first month or two because of bent 
cannulas not allowing insulin through, high numbers in the morning, 
unexplained blood sugars, etc....but obviously something is working being on 
a pump.  Anyway, I just wanted to share and give a little encouragement to 
the newer pumpers, because I was truly feeling the same frustrations and was 
wondering if this was all worth it.  Now I know it is ABSOLUTELY worth it if 
I can lower my A1C.  Now, I just can't wait to get it even lower!

Dani Davidson (DM for 15 years...pumping for almost 3 months)

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