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[IP] Glucowatch Experience

Glucowatch Experience
I find the watch fine when it is working well, I feel that for the money, it
is poorly constructed, the buttons which should be sealed to protect it from
water damage are apt to get stuck onder the case when pressed. I use it
overnight as well, this means starting the warm up period around 6PM I cnnot
use it at work as I am always working with wet stuff. it does feel wierd but
its not unbearable. if you put it on over broken skin it gives the wrong
readings and makes a mess out of the area.The software is not able to run
under a windows NT development environment. It also doesn't run under WinXP.
I usually wear the watch so the contact pads are not in the center of my arm
where they stimulate the superficial radial cutaneous nerve leading to
tingling in the back of the hand and wrist.

A. L. Bender, M. D., Phd.
email @ redacted
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