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Re: [IP] Blinders on the 'cure'

hey Spot, I like what you said about JDRF not focusing on the daily living of 
this disease.  I recently asked our local JDRF people out here in WA state 
about that very same thing.  Why are they not putting more effort into making 
living with this disease easier and only focusing on trying to find the 
'cure'.  She said that that focus was the sole purpose of their organization 
and to stray from that purpose would defeat the purpose of the organization.  
I mentioned how funding towards developing the closed loop system or internal 
pump/sensor could greatly enhance people's lives NOW and not put all their 
hopes into something that may NEVER be found.  She stated that those types of 
endeavors are being sought after and developed by the private sector and that 
it was not the business of the JDRF to get involved in those projects.

Doesn't sound much more than a bunch of double talk to me!!!  Sorry, don't 
mean to offend anyone, especially those involved in JDRF or anything else.  
But while all this money is being raised, and the attention is being focused 
on finding the ever allusive cure there are REAL people out here living their 
daily lives dealing with this disease who could really use some HELP in their 
daily lives!  Where is all the money for THAT??!!!

Just one mom's opinion!!

mom to Joshua
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