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[IP] mom

We just found out today that my mom is a diabetic.  She had not been feeling 
well, and went to see her doctor.  I do not get to see her very much because 
she lives in alabama, and I in georgia, so I did not know she had not been 
feeling so well(her doc just happens to be in ga...a 1 hr drive or so from 
where she lives) she went in and the nurse was like you have diabetes and she 
was like no.....So she is in the hospital for now.  She said the doctor said 
they would see if she needed pills or insulin, but tonight they gave her a 
shot with dinner.  It makes me feel so bad for her, cause I have been 
there(am still there), but all she could say was "I have to drink diet 
drinks"  She does not really like them...lol  Guess she will learn to adapt 
=).  She said she now knows how I feel, at least with being in the hospital 
and all.  I guess we will find out more tomorrow, but they really were not 
saying very much today, other than the one shot, about how she is going to be 
treated.  They did not even tell her what kind or how much insulin she was 
being given, which was a little strange to me.  Just needed to share...   
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