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[IP] Tincture of benzoin

 I recently had surgery and my primary dr was checking the sutures and
> the steri strips when done and put this miracle stuff on to hold the
> and tape.
> It's called Tincture of Benzoin. It has a benadine base and is very

Congratulations, you've just discovered what has been called "Gorilla Snot"
by many on the list.

> Will report back when I get it how expensive the stuff is. At this point
if it
It is cheap unless you buy it in the spray can. The liquid is smetimes
called "Balsam of Peru" or Turlington's Balsam it is a natural product mazde
from Peruvian Pine balsam which is dissolved in alcohol. It is a complex
substance and it's chemistry has not been worked out. every surgeon knows it
and loves it. It is great for anchoring adhesive tape and is used for
abdominal dressings and "Montgomery straps"  It can be removed with Alcohol.
on a cotton ball. The tape does not come off as easily.spot, gagging from
the photochemical smog from the oil refineries.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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