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[IP] Re: novolog v humalog - Rx's written

> BUT - my
> insurance WILL NOT give me two bottles at a time.  I
> can only have one bottle per refill.  The insurance
> calculates how long it takes me to go through a bottle
> & I can't refill before that time.  So - should I ever
> encounter a bad bottle of insulin - I am  SOL at this
> point.

My prescription for insulin just says "use as directed on a sliding
scale" - no specific unit dosages mentioned.   I get 2 vials, which is
more than I use in a month, but like others here I want to have some
extra "just in case".  My doctor actually wrote the prescription for 20
refills in a one-year period, which obviously is more than once a
month.  I assume that means I could refill more than once a month if I
ever really needed to.  I realize the insurance might not pay for the
second refill, but at least I'd have the prescription and could get
Humalog if I needed it.

The only remotely related "insurance" problem I've had (which was the
fault of my doctor's office, not the insurance company)  is that a
couple times when I've made changes to my test strip prescription
(switching meters, etc), the nurse has called it in saying that I test
"3-4 times a day"!  Uhh....no.  :-)  So then the insurance computer
won't give me the full amount because it thinks it's more than a 30-day
supply.  A second phone call to my doctor's office to get the rx changed
fixes the situation easily enough, but it's still been a bit of a

But frankly, I find it amazing that any insurance company wouldn't want
us to have some extra insulin around in case we need it.  Especially for
pump users!  Would they *really* rather pay for a hospital admission for
DKA because we encountered emergency and didn't have any spare insulin
when we needed it??

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