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[IP] Insurance and your rights

I am a type 2 diabetic , 50 yrs old and was dxd in 1986 at age 37. My diabetes
was caused by a pituitary tumor which caused acromegaly and  so on. I was on
pills-alot- up to 1 1/2 yrs ago when my doctor put me on insulin. Couldn't get
my BS under control. I have been on the MM508 pump now for going on 5 months
soon.  My A1C has gone from 10.6 to 8.4 and BS now around between 95 and 135.
Can;t wait to see what my A1C is now.  My doctor writes my prescription for 4
bottles a month of insulin and test strips of 300 a month (test between 6-9
times a day).  I use less than the 4 bottles a month, about 2 1/2 a month and
250 strips, but sometimes I do need more and both my doctor and my insurance
want me to have what I need to control my diabetes. Don't let any insurance
company or pharmacy play doctor. If they have a problem they need to speak to
your doctor.  They are cheating you but also keeping you from managing your
diabetes and they don't have the right. I totally agree with Michael.

I also am trying the quick sets and so far love them.  I have a problem with a
rash and the tape sticking when I get hot. I live in Arizona.  I also just got
the Accu-Chek Complete and the software for my computer for the meter. It is

What does YMMV mean. Thanks.

Bobbi L. Greer
Pension Services
Plan Administrator/Trust Accountant
Fax:     602-626-1815
Email: email @ redacted
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