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[IP] Re: Are PDAs helpful?


You might want to know that the FDA approved two BG meter plug-ins for the 
Handspring Visor on June 12. One is for Accu-Chek and one is for the 
TheraSense FreeStyle. I don't know how much the Accu-Chek one is, but the 
FreeStyle Tracker is $299, with a $75 rebate if you buy it as a set with a 

Both store your BG info and allow you to do charts and graphs and all that, 
plus enter activities, meds, A1Cs, etc. The FreeStyle includes a food chart 
that the Accu-Chek does not. As I recall, the Accu-Chek has an infrared 
thingy that allows you to beam the info to another type of PDA. But I don't 
want to dig through my notes right now (or even find them!), so don't quote 
me on that. <g>

You might want to check those out if you're thinking about getting a PDA.

Jan and Elvis

<< I'm considering using a PDA to track all my info.  I've used the Diabetes
 Pilot a little on an older Palm V.  It seems like it's a lot of time and
 trouble to always enter the data.  Is anyone using one of these programs and
 finding it worth while?  I would probably upgrade to a PDA with a color 
 if I do it.  Thanks.    John >>
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