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Re: [IP] Thoughts on various topics

   You're on a roll!! Yet another excellent post that I have to echo. Not 
only are these kids incredibly resilient in adapting to "change" ( as opposed 
to adults) but in light of this quote from an Italian researcher
     however, the permanent threat of severe vascular organ disease within 
one or two decades, of early invalidity and limited life expectancy following 
long-term poor metabolic regulation (which is known to the health 
professional but only incompletely sensed by the young patient), forces the 
pediatrician to try to reach from the start the aim of normoglycemia instead 
of merely somewhat reduced hyperglycemia, normal lipid and amino acid 
patterns and near normal fluctuations of all metabolic parameters. With our 
present means of intervention, this goal is achieved only temporarily, if at 
all, necessitating immense permanent efforts by the patient and his or her 
family, including a greater responsibility (compared to that of his/her 
peers) for his/her everyday lifestyle  (the bold italics are mine)

, it behooves everyone to NOT accept equally outmoded thinking from docs who 
say to parents pf pre-adolescents or teens" Oh an A1C of 9 or 10 is probably 
as good as it gets with kids that age". Given the advent of pump therapy, 
that kind of care of unconscienable, IF the family is seeking a better way to 
handle their child's diabetes care. Yet I continue to hear comments like that 
repeated by parents who are "relived" to have had the doctor tell them 
they're doing a 
good job". No one knows better than we pump parents how much diligence & 
vigilance it takes to battle the Dia-BEAST-ie, but by being as proactive, we 
also see far better results.
   Melissa wanted to start pumping 7 years ago at age 12, but it was MY 
reluctance to "let go" that procrastinated another 6 months until she was 13. 
Her pre-pump A1C of 8.8 and her post-pump A1C six months later of 6.8 
convinced me I should have listened to my child!!
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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