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[IP] Important Information for all IN TOUCH Software users...

From: LifeScan <email @ redacted
Subject: Important Information for all IN TOUCH Software users regarding
the downloading of data from the OneTouch Ultra Meter and/or the InDuo
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 07:24:41 -0400

June 25, 2002

Important Information for all IN TOUCH. Software users regarding the
downloading of data from the OneTouch. Ultra Meter and/or the InDuo(tm)

Dear LifeScan Customer:

This letter is to make you aware that data downloaded from a OneTouch Ultra
or InDuo Meter may contain erroneous records in the IN TOUCH reports that
have been generated during thedownload following the loss of calibration
code due to a power interruption
(as described in the following link -

Please note that this issue only occurs when IN TOUCH Software is used with
the OneTouch Ultra and InDuo Meters. Other OneTouch Meters are not affected.

How to identify a loss of calibration code due to a power interruption:

Whenever there is a power interruption, regardless of the reason, the meter
will enter
set-up mode. A flashing time on the meter LCD display is an indication that
a power
interruption has occurred. If after resetting the meter and inserting a test
strip, the LCD display defaults to three dashes (- - -), the calibration
code has been lost.

If you have experienced a loss of calibration code due to a power
interruption, LifeScan
recommends that data from the meter not be downloaded to a computer using IN
Software and that you clear your meter memory immediately to prevent the
download of incorrect data.

To protect the integrity of your data, the following steps are recommended
every time
a meter experiences a loss of calibration code:

 * Do not download to IN TOUCH Software
 * Confirm that the calibration code has been reset in the meter
 * Clear the meter memory
 - Connect the meter to your PC.
 - Open IN TOUCH Software.
 - On the Home screen, click on "Meter Clear."

What you should do if you have already downloaded data from a meter that has
experienced loss of calibration code:

We cannot ensure the integrity of all of the data in your IN TOUCH database
if you have
downloaded data after experiencing a power interrupt that results in the
loss of your
meter's calibration code. Users who wish to ensure 100% elimination of
incorrect data
points from IN TOUCH must archive or delete the database. We believe that
the power interrupt does not cause incorrect data to be generated if the
memory contains more than
125 data points when the interrupt occurs. We also know that in any one
download, no more
than three erroneous records will be generated as a result of the power
interrupt. If erroneous
records have been downloaded, the affected data will most likely be
presented as a future date or a value of zero, although there is a slight
chance that the erroneous records will be impossible to distinguish from
correct records.

What to do if you want to prevent the loss of calibration code due to power

You can prevent the loss of calibration code due to a power interruption
from occurring if
you are already testing at least once every 24 hours or if you are accessing
the meter memory at least once every 24 hours.

If you think you may have a problem with the OneTouch Ultra or InDuo Meter,
or if you have any questions regarding using your meter with IN TOUCH
Software, it is important that you call LifeScan Customer Services at

Please be aware that LifeScan is currently working on a revision to the
software to correct this issue. Thank you for your continued support of


Karen Widhelm
Vice President, Customer Services
LifeScan, Inc.
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