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[IP] Disetronice in Water

I'd used a Disetronic H-Tron for years 'before' the letters were mailed
saying -oops they're just water-resistant not waterproof.  Well I do water 
aerobics several times a week and the pump got wet but not immersed and this 
went on long before those letters came out.

I began having lots of 07 and 04 alarms - system failure and occlusions and 
finally sent it in for analysis.  They diagnosed the pump as having totally 
rusted out ports and completely dysfunctional.  Unless the D Tron says it 
100% water PROOF, you may function fine for a long time AND violate your 
warranty.  And if you're muleheaded like me and continue to wear an older 
one that was considered waterproof at one time and no longer is batten down 
those batter hatchs big time, take the pump apart and dry it completely 
after it comes in contact with water and pray it doesn't quit functioning 
before its 5 year lifetime like mine did.  (I got 4 1/2 years out of it AND 
a lot of headaches for the past 6 months I was using it.)  Good luck.

Anyone know why Disetronic quit making those waterproof shower and sport's 
bags?  I have a number of the non-disconnecting Rapids I'd like to use and 
as stated am in the pool fairly often.

Hope this helps.

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