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[IP] Thigh as the insertion site

> > I'm thinking of using my
> > thigh as the insertion so the line will be shorter, even though that's
> > not supposed to be such a good idea.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Fred G.
> Why is it not supposed to be a good idea? Who tol dyou this? I have used my
> thigh repeatedly throughout my 8 years on the pump. I find it is a very
> comfortable place and it absorbs well. I know others have had the same
> success with this spot. I am just curious as to where you got this
> information....
> Cherry & Wild Cherry Jubilee

My pump trainer told me the amount of absorption there can depend on how much exercise the leg muscles get. I don't know what the original source is for this, or whether any studies have ever been done on it. Opinions seem to differ. In any case, I hope it's not true, since I've been giving myself shots in my legs for 32 years...

Fred G.
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