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Re: [IP] Re: Raising hbA1c's

In a message dated 6/24/02 5:15:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >> This is the first I heard of a Dr. looking to raise someone's A1C.
> >> I will take the 5.5.
> >> 
> >>> My A1c's before the pump were in the 5.5 range.  My doctor thought this 
> was
> >>> too low, so I decided to go for a pump in order to bring my blood sugar 
> up
> >>> a bit and regain some hypoglycemic awareness while still maintaining 
> good
> >>> control. 
> > It's not unusual at all for a doc to want to raise hbA1c's in a
> > patient that experiences many lows and in particular has lost
> > hypoawareness.
> > Michael
> > email @ redacted
> I still think this is enormously YMMV. My A1c's have remained low and/or
> gone lower since going on the pump but my hypoawareness, which I worried
> about, has increased tremendously. It didn't take raising hbA1c's--I think
> it took just paying much closer attention to what was going on and when.
> Barbara

I had a long talk with my DR about this 3 weeks ago . I have a 5.9 and he 
said I should be 6.5 or even a little higher. He said you are now alone at 
night and after looking at my books he said you correct any high so fast it 
can hardly be doing any damage. He said in other words lighten up. He said 
you are 6 months from 55 years with D and it would be a shame to have you 
have a problem at 3 AM alone. I give up DR's are never happy. I thought I was 
doing great. Roger C (dx 12/1/47 PM 5/7/00) still dragging the blue hockey 
puck in tow
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