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Re: [IP] Re: to Lisa Lyman re: Kids and pumps

My son began pump therapy 4 months after diagnosis when he was 7 years old.
He was afraid of the pump, but in an effort to get him the best control
possible (without getting MANY shots a day which he hated) I chose to get a
pump for him.  There is no way we could get the kind of control on MDI as
we've gotten with the pump.  For one thing, children that young have very
small insulin requirements which are impossible to dose with a syringe.  A
pump can very accurately deliver 1 tenth of a unit.  Also children's
activity levels vary so much from one day to the next.  We make great use of
the temporary basal feature.  Sick day management is much, much easier with
the pump.  He not only feels better physically, he is much happier being
able to live a normal life again.  Birthday parties are no longer a choice
between extra shot, skipping food, or skipping party.  He is a normal,
happy, well-adjusted child.

I could quite literally write pages on why pumping is the preferred choice
of insulin therapy, but the proof is in the pudding.  Ask Scott.  He has
been using it 6 months now and he LOVES it.  He would not give it up for


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> Lisa,
> Being diagnosed at the age of 12, and being on a pump from the age of 18
> until I was 22, and now again starting the pump at age 38, I am not a big
> advocate of kids using an insulin pump.  In my opinion, and not as a
> towards the parents of those kids using them, or the amazing kids who have
> mastered them, young children may be better off in the short run with
> injections Vs a pump
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