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Re: [IP] Re: to Lisa Lyman re: Kids and pumps

> Lisa,
> Being diagnosed at the age of 12, and being on a pump from the age
> of 18 until I was 22, and now again starting the pump at age 38, I
> am not a big advocate of kids using an insulin pump.  In my opinion,
> and not as a judgment towards the parents of those kids using them,
> or the amazing kids who have mastered them, young children may be
> better off in the short run with injections Vs a pump.  Why?? 
> Limited pump infusion sites on a young person's body compared to the
> vast sites available for insulin injections.

Infusion sets do a lot less damage than injections. There are no hugh 
welts, bruises or marks, just tiny red dots that fade away in a few 
weeks. My pumper daughter had these marks on her arms and thighs when 
she was on MDI. She hated them and tried to hide them. The pump leave 
very little evidence of having been there at all. After 8 years 
pumping, she still only has the tiny red dots that fade in a few 
weeks. If we were talking about metal needles, maybe -- Lily used 
those for about 3 years -- even with those, there were no scars or 
marks. I suspect it as usual YMMV :-)

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