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Re: [IP] Re: to Lisa Lyman re: Kids and pumps

In a message dated 6/24/02 7:32:38 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ?  Ugggghhhhh!!  Of course a pump 
> then would have been a godsend.  

My brother was diagnosed in 1955 and my daughter in 1997...it is just as much 
a Godsend for her as it would have been for him to have a pump. My daughter 
has neuropathy, depression and looks like her kidneys are on the 
borderline..the hope is that pumping may reverse some of this or, at least, 
slow it down. Pumping also gives her a more normal life as she can 
participate in more with her friends. She has always had as tight of control 
as we could get.....but the pump is by far the best......there is a great 
difference in being diagnosed as a toddler and at 12........my daughter is 8 
and has been dx'd nearly 5 years......all the parents I know as well as the 
kids that are pumping would never go back.....good luck!!
Beverly, Mom to Mary, 8, dx'd 9/97, pumping, and Nick, who is now ten!
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