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[IP] Re: Raising hbA1c's

>> This is the first I heard of a Dr. looking to raise someone's A1C.
>> I will take the 5.5.
>>> My A1c's before the pump were in the 5.5 range.  My doctor thought this was
>>> too low, so I decided to go for a pump in order to bring my blood sugar up
>>> a bit and regain some hypoglycemic awareness while still maintaining good
>>> control. 
> It's not unusual at all for a doc to want to raise hbA1c's in a
> patient that experiences many lows and in particular has lost
> hypoawareness.
 > Michael
> email @ redacted

I still think this is enormously YMMV. My A1c's have remained low and/or
gone lower since going on the pump but my hypoawareness, which I worried
about, has increased tremendously. It didn't take raising hbA1c's--I think
it took just paying much closer attention to what was going on and when.

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