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Re:[IP] Pump question

Welcome Fred - and congratulations on the pump,

I think that everyone here would say that it has improved their life or the 
life of a loved one.

Some people here just plop the pump next to them on the bed at night, I roll 
around to much for that.  I also have a couple of cats who think that the 
tubing just laying around is absolutely fascinating... one bats at it, 
another will start to chew on it.  SO... leaving it laying on the bed is 
clearly not an option for everyone.


At night, I wear a "Waist-It" and just curl the tubing into about a couple 
of 1" circles and tuck it into the Waist-It.  Haven't had a problem yet!  If 
you don't sleep 'in the buff' Unique Accesories sells clothing that can be 
used as sleepwear (shorts, 'beach' pants,' t-shirts, flannel boxers and 
flannel shorts).

Also, don't worry about excess tubing hanging around - the manufacturers 
make infusion set tubing in different lengths (not to mention the options in 
the needles/canulas of the infusion sets themselves). Experiment with what's 
available and you'll find what works best for you.  Whatever company that 
you end up getting your pump from should offer you samples of the different 
infusion sets and tubing lengths that they offer for you to try.


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Be filled by what you've settled for instead.


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