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Re: [IP] What Test For Frozen Shoulder

> Hi, i have been in pain in my shoulder arm area for about a year and
> range of motion as well. But not real bad and seems to come and go.
> After reading the posts and the facts on it via IP I think they may
> be what i have. I though i just pulled something and thought it
> would just go away. What Test determines this condition is it a MRI?
> Thanks Sincerely Eileen

Unless you have a rotator cuff tear (MRI time), it is most likely 
Frozen Sholder. The test is a lack of range of motion and pain if 
you try to force it -- pretty straight forward ..eh...? What physical 
therapy does is two things. One -- strengthen the surrounding muscles 
and Two -- increase the range of motion by FORCE. If it's not awful, 
you can do a lot of it at home, but instruction from a good therapist 
familiar with frozen sholder would be very helpful. Sometimes the 
problem resolves spontaneously. One of my sholders fixed itself, the 
other required months of physical therapy. YMMV
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