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[IP] pizza - chinese food

> I'm really not a big pizza fan so eat it only once or twice a year. 
> Maybe I just got lucky.  Now, we won't talk about mexican or chinese
> food.  Can't figure them out so pretty much limit myself to once a
> month.

Pretty much like pizza. To figure it out, you have to initially limit 
yourself to eating the same thing at the same restaurant a few times 
so you have the timing and the carb count nailed down. Chinese food 
is made with lots of oil (usually peanut and sesame) and with 
thickners in the sauce that are typically either corn starch or 
arrowroot, both pure carb. When in the sauce, the effective glycemic 
index of these things are very low and kick in much later (usually). 
It's probably the single hardest food for Lily to get right and 
vary's from restaurant to restaurant.
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