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[IP] Glucowatch Experience

After my last post about my Glucowatch, I had a handful of people contact me 
and ask me all sorts of questions about my experience with it.  So I figured 
that I'd just send in one post and answer the replies.

I've had the watch now for a few weeks.  I've only used it overnight.  The 
reason that I haven't used it during the day is just lack of time.  I have a 
standing appointment with my trainer at the gym, every morning at 9am.  By 
the time I would get home, clean up, put the watch on, and let it go through 
the three hour calibration time, I'd have to remove the watch and put in a 
new Autosensor for overnight.  So the sensor that I would have used that day 
would only give me about 3-4 hours worth of readings in the late afternoon 
before I'd have to replace it.

Cygnus has announced that the second generation watch, which is due for 
release this fall, will only require a two hour warm up/calibration period.  
I know that three hours to two hours doesn't sound like a big improvement, 
but to me it would be substantial.  The new watch will also take readings 
more often each hour.  I thought that I read somewhere that the wearing time 
would also extend from 12 hours worth of readings to 13.

Yes, I do have some skin irritation at the contact sites.  I have found that 
they show more and itch more on the undersides of my fore arms rather than 
on the top.  I found a cream (Florasome Cream) at a local health food store 
that is all natural and takes care of the itch and quickens the healing 
time.  I also found a oil that consists of Vitamin E, Lavender oil, and tea 
tree oil that helps as well.

As far as the inaccuracies that some people have reported.  It will never be 
exactly the same reading as your meter test since it takes several readings 
over a 15 minute period and then averages them together.  I have found that 
if I have the time, I'll calibrate the watch more then once over a short 
period of time - that seems to help.  For people that tend to 'bottom out' 
overnight, I'd be cautious on relying on this to be your saving grace from 
waking up with the ambulance crew over your bed.  If I were in that sort of 
spot, I would set the 'low level alarm' a little higher so that you'll be 
able to wake up and tend to things before they get critical.

Do I think that the purchase was worth it?  Yes.  It is helping me make some 
adjustments in the timing of my basal rates overnight.   I haven't submitted 
the paperwork to the insurance yet so I don't know how the purchase will go 
over.  I'm sure that I'll have to get a letter of necessity from my Endo but 
he's already offered to do that if needed.

No, it doesn't replace fingerstick tests - and it was never meant to.  It is 
great for monitoring trends over an extended period of time.

The Glucowatch isn't perfect.  It does skip some readings and I've had it 
shut off completely on me twice.  I'm hoping that Cygnus will have enough 
smart business sense to offer upgrades to existing customers when new models 
are released.

Is it helping? I think so.

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