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Re: [IP] novolog v humalog

My Dr does the same, writes the Rx for two bottles a month "For use in
insulin pump", and I only had problems with that the first time I filled my
Humalog Rx, the pharmacy asked how much I used a day and then wouldn't give
me more than one bottle, even though that wouldn't last the month quoting
that it was "insurance fraud" to dispense more to me than I actually used,
even if it was written on the Rx.

I called my prescription provider (CareMark) and they cleared it up with the
pharmacy, since my Dr had written the Rx for two bottles, basically it
didn't matter how much "extra" I was getting, as long as I got the full 30
day supply  They called the pharmacy and took care of everything.  I was
sure it would work out that way because every time I've gotten a 7-day
supply of things like cough syrup, they normally come in a bottle large
enough to last a month, because that's the only size it comes in... When I
filled my Rx for Novolog, I had no problems, just got my two bottles.


> Ours writes it for two bottles per month and i have never had a problem.
> Beverly
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