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[IP] PDAs...want one?

I figure with so many expressing an interest in Palm Pilot type devises for
our BG and food and all, this may be of interest. This email I got for a
palm user's list could be pretty cool for someone who wants a PDA.

2 for one !

>If you are considering a m500, you might want to know that Palm Inc is giving
away a m105 to those who buy a m500 from any source via a mail-in program. The
purchase of the Palm m500 handheld has to be between June 6, 2002 and July 8,
2002 - postmarked by August 8, 2002, and received by August 15, 2002.<


For those who can't afford the EZ Manager, you may want to try Diabetes
Pilot. I got the trial and wound up buying it after Calorieking wouldn't get
back to me when I had a 'hard reset' (Like a reformat for a desktop or
'restore') and needed to re-install their food database. I wanted the plain
food database one and the only one which would dl properly was their "Plus"
Version (Exercise log and diet Log type of thing...more than I wanted) Of
course at extra cost! I told them the regular one wouldn't dl for me and
they only said 'you may like to upgrade'...no ideas about the one I wanted
had and already had registered. So I got the Diabetes Pilot and it has all
things in it: BGs, Meds, Foods, Exercise and notes. You can use package info
and add more foods to the database and fast foods and such are covered in
too. Their CS was brilliant as well. Check it out at:


Pocket PC Use Windows CE, Home users, are using ME and business users use
NT. So if you are using Windows, you can get into CE ME NT which can become
very heavy. <VBG>

Jenny Sutherland
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