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[IP] Re: popcorn carbs per serving & ice cream

Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #414
> Since both had the same
4.5g fat per serving, the "improvement" would seem to be a higher fat
content, along with the assumption of a smaller serving. Linda Z >>>

Would that perhaps be another of those sneaky price raises? I have noticed
Edy's Grand Ice Cream is no longer sold in 1/2 gallons - it's now 1.75
qts!!! The ads say 1/2 gal and are on sale, but not one in the freezer case
is that size. They are smaller (obviously) and 1.75qts.  At least that's the
way it is here in north-central Indiana.

BTW, Kroger AGAIN this week has a $10.00 coupon off groceries for a new or
transferred Rx. Our Osco, Meijer, and KMart accept competitors' coupons.
Last week Kroger had 2 in their ads (exp. 6/30/02) and Osco had a $20.00

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