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Re: [IP] Pump question

> I am probably going to get on an insulin pump soon. I wore one for a
> day with saline solution. At nighttime I rigged up a sock for it
> strapped to my leg just below the knee and that worked reasonably
> well. But the insertion site was in my abdomen and the tube was
> pretty long, so I coiled part of it up to take up the slack and put
> some scotch tape around the coil. That didn't work too well, by the
> time I woke up the coil had pulled together almost enough to put a
> kink in the line. Any solutions? I'm afraid to leave the coil off
> altogether because that will leave too much slack and that makes me
> nervous. I'm thinking of using my thigh as the insertion so the line
> will be shorter, even though that's not supposed to be such a good
> idea.

Quit worrying about the kinks, etc.... it is almost impossible to 
kink the tube so it will not allow insulin flow. The little clamps -- 
the plastic thingys that look like paper clips -- that come with the 
sets have to be practically hammered on to the tube to cut off the 
flow of insulin.

BTW, just throw the pump somewhere on the bed when you sleep -- it's 
not going anywhere, it has a "tether" :-)

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