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Re: [IP] novolog v humalog

    Your experience with Novolog is comparable to my 19 yr old daughter's. 
Last night she said she was 78 before bed, so she had a 4 oz juice box & ate 
16 animal crackers= total  40 grams carbohydrate. She took NO bolus...and 
awakened at 99 today, convinced she's "cured". I only WISH!!
     The other weird thing we've noticed is that she isn't rebounding 
anywhere near as high from lows ( of which she's had too many ,since she 
hasn't yet readjusted her basals). She was low yesterday afternoon, drank her 
usual juice box, then had a Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich which is 28 
carbs...and only took 1.5 units, one-half of what she'd have taken on 
Humalog. A few hours later when she checked, she was 101.
       I cannot believe all these glowing anecdotal reports are just 
"coincidences". Whatever the explanation, we're enjoying seeing bg numbers 
that sound more like the weatherman's summer temperatures!!!...and for anyone 
who ever doubted the effect of high bgs on temperament, the positive change 
in Melissa's "personna" is equally mind-boggling.
Renee (pump mom to 19 yr old Melissa)
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