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[IP] Scare Tissue?

Hi George, et al,
I was having high blood sugar problems -but they more persistent than usual 
and my glucose levels didn't come back to a normal range for about 3 weeks - 
neither endo or CDE helped much and changing my site patterns were just one 
of the things they wanted me to try.  I hadn't thought about using different 
size (mm) Rapids, but I do believe I have an old box - the non-disconnect 
type- that have the shorter needle.

I haven't noticed any scar tissue or any greater delay on abdomen or hip.  I 
think it was just one more of those things they wanted to get me in the 
habit of doing that IF they mentioned it when I got my pump it was relegated 
to the bottom of my list of things to remember - kinda like changing my pump 
piston rod every 6 months.

After 3 weeks of running on 200% basals, and constant tweaking, my bouncing 
baby basals are - uh, 'normal' may be too strong a word but they just 
settled down.  I think I was on an emotional death-in-the-family, spider 
bite, weather-change, roller coaster ride -- the one we take unwittingly 
when we put our slippers on the wrong feet.  Thanks.

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