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Re: [IP] Scar Tissue and Infusion Sets

On 6/23/02 4:00 PM, "Dianne De Mink" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Greetings-
> A CDE told me to stop using my abominal area for my infusion sites -
> something I've been doing, rotation wise, for about 4+ years. He recommended
> the area on my side (yeah I've seen the map) between hip bone and rib cage,
> but my  Disetronic Rapids hurt there and do not respond well to aerobic
> exercise.  Finally I started using my upper hip close to my lower back which
> is something 'he' told me would cause delay problems.  Anyone have any
> experience with this?  How long 'til I can use my abdomen again?  I never
> did notice any lumpy scar tissue- or is it invisible?  Thanks.

I believe that the scar tissue is not a visible thing, but can be detected
under the skin as a hardening.   I found a considerable delay in using the
hip sites, it reminded me of using Regular, something on the order of 45+
minutes for an effect to take.

Besides the side to side "rotation" of sites, I believe we do best using all
the alternate sites available from time to time.  Since you are using the
Rapids, these alternate sites should not pose a problem as far as needle
insertion.  Check out:


I find using the 6mm Rapids  in my arms to be particularly effective.   I
guess I still maintain enough motion to make the absorption not a problem.
YMMV      :>)

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