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[IP] Type 1 Vs. Type 2

I had a very, very poor communictions relationship with my old endo, and after six
months of complaining about three times a day of hypoglycemic episodes, I took
myself off my medications...A year and a half later, I ended in the ER post-flu,
with ketoacidosis having set in. And, of course, the ER brought in the only endo
(the same endo) to see me. He wrote orders, and wrote out the history and physical,
without ever consulting me. It had been a year and half since I had been in his

Here's the problem: I picked up copies of my records, to take to my new endo next
week. Reading the notes and labwork, all kinds of red flags went up. I see in his
notes, in three places that the admitting diagnoses was to rule out probably Type I
(I had been treated before for Type II) and in the discharge summary  a note that I
had Type I (no mention of Type II), and that he had discussed this with me (he
certainly had not).  I am very concerned, and these are my questions:

I have a family history of Type I...four of six of my mother's brothers and sisters
have adult children with Type I. I have a son (not diabetic at this point). I can't
remember how this works: how is it transmitted by generations?  

What testing would have been done to ascertain that this is indeed Type I, and not
Type II?  Can you have both?

Are the treatment approaches different? 

Is ketoacidosis always and only a sign of Type I?

Has anyone out there gone from one type to the other?

I am so scared: we just buried one of those cousins a few months back.  Another
cousin of ours has spent most of her adult life, on an hourly basis, with many
hospitalizations and otherwise scary episodes, contending with Type I, and she's
basically healthier than I am ( I have another chronic illness as well).  


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