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Re: [IP] Scar Tissue and Infusion Sets

In a message dated 6/23/02 9:01:36 PM !!!First Boot!!!, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< A CDE told me to stop using my abominal area for my infusion sites - 
 something I've been doing, rotation wise, for about 4+ years. >>
My son has been pumping almost 2 years and has scar tissue on his abdomen 
also.  The doc said to use hips, legs, or buttocks.  He has been using his 
hip area with good results even though people have said the insulin doesn't 
absorb as well the farther out you go from your belly button.  Luckily, that 
hasn't been the case with my son.  How long did the CDE tell you not to use 
your abdomen?  The endo told my son at least six months.
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