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[IP] Guess what pump company

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From: email @ redacted
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2002 9:31 PM
Subject: [IP] Re: Medtronic complaints

As someone once posted, you only hear complaints when people are having
trouble w/ their pumps...never when things are going well.  In the past few
years there have also been complaints on the other brands of pumps.

How about both? Pay attention to the times and note that this was a Sunday.
complaint-malfunctioning pump
things going well-replacement pump in 34 mins

Sunday afternoon
12:25pm occlusion alarm, everything looked ok, disconnected site and primed,
didn't sound right.
12:30 call pump customer service, "well have someone call you"
12:35 replaced tubing, and primed, seemed better
12:48 customer service returned call, discussed, decided everything seemed
ok. Was told to call back if it happened again.
12:50 decided to replace reservoir just to be sure, primed ok, tried to
bolus 7.9 units into the air as another check before connecting, another
occlusion alarm.
1:04 called customer service again,
1:09 called pump CDE, she was at the lake, suggested I call the sales rep
1:12 called sales rep, left message
1:20 sales rep returned call
1:22 customer service returned call and said NEW pump would be here on Tues.
1:38 loaner pump was at the front door from the sales rep

Was it just coincidental that we were able to get a pump in less than an
hour on a Sunday afternoon? Maybe, but we have gotten this kind of customer
service since my first call to inquire about pumping and the rep showed up a
few hours later to tell us about their pump. I would never expect this kind
of service from any company, but Animas, (in case you haven't guessed) has
done this time and time again.

Mike Swaithes
Husband to Pat
Dad to Alicia (9) & Lindsey (Z) 12, dx 5/98
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