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[IP] Frozen Shoulder

As far as I understand it frozen shoulders are adhesions-- sorta like 
sticking two pieces of tape together-- only in the muscles.  I had it inboth 
shoulders inmy pre-pump days, and only regular massage and exercise relieved 
the pain enough so that I could sleep at night if I happened to roll over on 
my side.  Post pump I got better but never did regain the same range of 
motion,  I tried all known drugs including cortisone shots but it didn't 
help.  One orthodpedic guy recommended surgery on both shoulders - insisted 
it was rotator (sp?) cuff 'syndrome'.  Others on this list have mentioned 
being anesthesed and having an osteopath physically manipulate the area 
(unstick all the tape'by force) with good results.  High blood sugars seem 
to exacerbate this condition.

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