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Re: [IP] Couple more Lantus questions..

My doctor just switched me from taking Lantus at bedtime to taking it every
morning, once a day because I have been getting too low in the early AM.  My
Animas just arrived this week and I'm really looking forward to being able
to vary my basal rates.

Best wishes,

Lisa Mattox

Catherine asked:
> To those of you who are, have been or will be taking
> Lantus - DO you split the dosage into two (equal or
> unequal) shots? And do you find that your 24-hour
> Lantus total differs from your 24-hour pump basal
> rate? Also, those of you who do, when you go between
> the pump and Lantus, how do you settle into the Lantus
> without having a day of hell? If I'm splitting up the
> shots, that means I have one 12 hour period where I'm
> only on half the amount of basal that I need.
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