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Re: [IP] Independence

    What a beautifully eloquent post, with wonderful insights & candor about 
raising kids with diabetes. I keep a quote above my desk that I read 
somewhere on line:
    "We shoulder a huge responsibility raising our kids with diabetes to 
survive on their own..and that's not the parenting status quo".....
      It helps to remind me what a rocky, unpredictable landscape we all have 
to navigate, once diabetes pushes its way into our lives, uninvited!! The 
normal decisions about "rites of passage" - sleepovers, distant sports 
events, summer trips, drivers' licenses, college, travel, etc. all become 
"colored" when factoring in diabetes. Our decisions may not be the "right" 
ones, but what remains as a "constant" is the need to communicate to our 
children an understanding of OUR concerns, fears, logic, etc. Every child is 
different & every child with diabetes is different. The beauty of the 
Internet, and this IP "community", is that by sharing our stories, our 
successes and our failures, our missteps & our unexpected triumphs, we all 
gain KNOWLEDGE with which we can empower our individual children to grow 
confidently & healthfully. 
    It was MY fear that kept Melissa home for the past 7 summers, and because 
of that, I inadvertently made her transition to going away to college this 
year much harder. We both survived, thankfully, and since she'll have a 
roommate next year, (unlike this year), my "comfort zone" will expand.
    Sara (and Nancy's Jenna) may not always agree with your decisions, but 
I'm sure that having your "input & influence" is part of what has enabled 
them both to succeed & to "soar" each time they leave the proverbial nest!!
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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