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Re: [IP] Eli Lilly's response in the BMJ

On 6/23/02 8:41 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> <A HREF="http://bmj.com/cgi/eletters/324/7348/1253#23180">bmj.com Rapid
> Responses for Wolpert et al., 324 (7348) 1253</A>
> ----------------------------------------------------------


I did find Bill Van Antwerp's reply to be a bit "cavalier":

<<<I don't believe that there is any data that suggests insulin lispro is
"unstable" in pump environments, after all more than 150,000 patients are
using it very succesfully. Finally, I think that your conclusion that
patient should switch insulin based on an N of 1 (case 1) is very premature
and has caused significant worry in some fraction of the pump using

If that were true, then IP would not be here.  I only hope that those that
might have been "caused significant worry" will follow in the discussion on
this list.   I am probably one of  the "N", though I don't have the medical
or technical knowledge to confirm this, I do KNOW that switching to Novolog
has lessened the swings in Bgs that would come along after day 2 on Humalog.

As to Lilly's reply, well on Lispro my A1c was 6.0 and on Aspart it is 5.9.
Not a significant figure, but if you look at my bg logs, then there is your
answer, anecdotal or not!

George      :>)
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