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[IP] PARADIGM update

    Just wanted to post the GOOD NEWS that Melissa changed the battery today 
in her second Paradigm (not an upgrade- insurance paid for this one, since 
she was beyond 4 years)............and IT WORKED FINE!!!!!!!!!
    She had encountered the identical problem others have mentioned here, 
where the memory was wiped out each time she changed the battery. I have to 
wonder if there wasn't a problem with a particular batch of pumps 
manufactured together, since those other posts coincided with the timing for 
Melissa's first pump, received in early April. MM sent us a second Paradigm, 
when we complained after it happened twice.
     So not only is she a "happy camper" (technically a happy camp 
COUNSELOR!), but "touch wood", we are seeing the best numbers she's had in 
YEARS...which I attribute to several factors:
     a) using Novolog....AMAZINGLY better...to the point where she joked 
"maybe I'm cured???"
     b) eating MUCH healthier, now that she's away from dorm food
     c) using FAR less insulin (and starting to lose her "freshman 15" weight 
gain), since she's eliminated the abundance of carbohydrate-laden food that 
college kids eat..which also means that the 170 units lasts longer than it 
was initially....
     She LOVES not hearing the "click-click-click" of her older MM pump, & is 
overall happier with the Paradigm, with the reservoir insertion, etc. The 
battery is lasting almost consistently 3 weeks ( she doesn't use the remote). 
Waterproofing is not an issue, since even though she will be in the pool 
daily with her 3 yr old campers, the thought of holding a child in her arms & 
having little toes accidentally get caught in the tubing & yank out the site, 
makes disconnecting a much better option!!
     So after figuratively holding my breath for 3 weeks, & crossing my 
fingers as she changed the battery today, I'm happy to post that, earlier 
problems notwithstanding....and the "access issues" for those of you awaiting 
the upgrade from your recently purchased 508 to a Paradigm notwithstanding, 
....we are once again satisfied MM customers...which we had always been since 
1996, until the recent "memory loss" concerns. Bad enough for mom & dad to be 
dealing with memory loss- we don't expect that in a $5000 pump!!! LOL
Renee (pump mom to 19 yr old Melissa - dx'd at age 9)
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