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[IP] Weight Loss Surgery

Hi All:

I just recently went through surgery to assist in helping me lose weight that I need to lose. As a type I diabetic for the last 13 years, I have continued to pile on weight and have had a hard time losing it without sending my bs out of whack. The pump for the last 2 years has at least helped in maintaining good control while I have tried to lose weight with exercise and diet but I have still had trouble losing a significant amount that I need to lose.

I spent a year researching the different surgeries available and personally I decided to have the lapband placed. It is very different from the gastric by-pass that is making all the news of late. Both my primary and endo fully agreed with my decision for the surgery and not to use the gastric by-pass. To explain briefly the Lapband is place around the upper stomach to create a small pouch that allows a small amount of food to be consumed. It is an aid to eat less and along with exercise lose weight at a healthy pace. 

The gastric by-pass is losing weight by malnutrition. In the research and consultation with doctors the gastric by-pass also inhibits the liver from storing glucose. One of the problems that I saw with this surgery for type I diabetics was that the side effect is the inability to treat a low blood sugar if needed. If you use gluagon to treat a low it will not be effective because there is little glucose in the liver to release. The surgery also prevents you from consuming large amounts of high sugar content foods...like juice etc...

My experience with the Lapband was been wonderful and the pump has allowed me to make it successful in keeping my bs in check and adjusted to the weight loss.

My reason for posting this message is for those who are obese and are considering the weight loss surgeries, whether type I or II. I went through a lot of misinformation when contacting clinics and surgeons about this surgery. Mostly was told that my diabetes would be cured if I lost the weight even after telling them that I was type I. Yes, the stats say if you are type II that 60% of people who have had the different surgeries are able to stop taking their medications and control it with exercise and diet. 

My hope is that losing the weight I need to lose with help with my control and also make me less insulin resistant. I know that personally my Cpep was <5%. That my onset was fast and with a bs of 857. I had had a tolerance test done 2 months prior to onset and had passed with borderline hypoglycemic numbers and a fasting done two weeks prior with a bs 74 to onset. Type I does run in my family. 

If anyone would like to contact me off the list please do. I am willing to share all the research and experiences with this. I would love to know if anyone else has also done any of the different surgeries with the pump.

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