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[IP] Re: Travel

> I showed them how to turn the
> machine on, I showed them my pump--and all the security lady would say is
> YOU NEED A MEDICAl CARD!  I asked her to describe a medical card (Never got
> it)

I find it a little disturbing that the security lady kept saying you
needed a "medical card", but couldn't tell you exactly what a "medical
card" was.  I don't know what she meant either.  All I can think of is
the card I carry in my wallet, which has information intended for
paramedics....but it certainly wouldn't serve as proof of identification
(it's filled out by hand).  If a "medical card" is required for
boarding, IMO the airline should have been able to tell you exactly WHAT
it was they were asking for, who issues these cards, etc.

And I also hope that decisions as to who can board w/ medications are
not being made based on what medications the supervisor has "heard of"!

Anyway, I'm glad you were eventually able to board.  Have you considered
writing to the airline to let them know about your experience?  It
doesn't sound like you were treated very well.

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