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Re: [IP] Pump vacation/Lantus

> I know there's been a ton of threads on this. But...
Even though the Novolog has helped alleve many of my site woes, I'm still
having weird site failures, or I find I'm at 400 with ketones and I remove
my set only to find that it's not delivering insulin, although no alarm has
gone off. Anyway, I'm kicking the stupid pump to the curb for at least a
while, maybe permanently, depending on how well Lantus works. WHen I was on
NPH before I went on the pump, I was half dead from unpredictable BG swings
EVERY DAY. And though I've been trepidatious about trying MDI again, my doc
SWEARS that Lantus is different, no peaks, etc. Well, I wasn't having
problems with peaks - my actual requirements were changing every day. Not so
with the pump, where amid all the troubles, I was at least on 1 basal rate
throughout the day. So I'm worried about absorption issues with MDI. If
anyone has experience with Lantus, good or bad, please email me.
 Thanks IP,
Catherine, I am definitely having similar frustrating problems as you, after
7 pretty darn good years on the pump.  I am working hard with my endo and NP
and will be meeting with my Minimed rep and a pump trainer next week to try
to figure out what's going on.

In the meantime, I'm on a vacation, taking Lantus for basal and a Humalog
pen for boluses.  Although I miss my pump tremendously, my experience with
Lantus has been soooooo much better than my pre-pump experience with Lente.
There just are not the peaks and valleys.  I still have the freedom to eat
when and what I choose.  I can skip a meal or eat on any old schedule.  I am
not experiencing the hypos I always used to have on MDI.  In my experience,
if you're going to be off the pump an extended period of time, Lantus is the
way to go.  It may be different for others but for me, it's kind of a relief
to not to be struggling with sore pump sites.  I know that my stress was
helping to elevate my blood sugar and now, at least, some of that tension
has subsided.  Mind you, I'm still not a very happy camper being off the
pump, but Lantus has been okay.

While my team and I can't seem to figure me out, it occurs to me, especially
after reading about different IP'ers experiences with food (from using
square wave and dual boluses-to using different ratios of insulin to carb at
different times of day or with foods with varying glycemic values-to really
limiting types and amounts of carbos, etc.), I am going to schedule a time
with our nutritionist.  (Wonder why my endo, NP, or CDE haven't suggested

I also wonder, if my diabetes team can't figure out why I'm having such a
hard time with control, maybe I should go to a place like a Joslin clinic.
Anyone have any thoughts about that? We have only one endo in our town.
Anyone know of a good practice in Central New York?  I'd go to Rochester,
Syracuse, Binghamton, Elmira.  That would all be out of net work
insurance-wise, but I don't think I should settle for BGs of 200 and 300 so
much of the time.  So, Catherine, you are not the only one out there having
a hard time.  Dealing with this disease is not a piece of cake, so to speak.
Just don't give up; I refuse to.
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