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[IP] Travel

I have taken two airplane trips since Sept 11th.  The first trip, I got 
selected to be scan with their security device.  But this last trip--I had 
everything by the book: I had my insulin bottle with my script on it, had my 
pump in sight and had the hardest time getting on in New Orleans.  They 
questioned me for five minutes on my Medisense Precision monitoring 
equipment.  I showed the bottle of insulin, I showed them how to turn the 
machine on, I showed them my pump--and all the security lady would say is 
YOU NEED A MEDICAl CARD!  I asked her to describe a medical card (Never got 
it) I had on my medic alert bracelet.  I pulled my driver's license to show 
that the name on my insulin and driver's license were the same--Finally a 
supervisor was called.  The supervisor looked over my stuff and said he had 
never heard of Humalog insulin just Humalin---after several more minutes of 
discussion, I finally got on.  So can someone tell me what a medical card 
is?  Carla

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